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Travel packages from Jetabout Holidays

  Destination Timespan Travel Agency Price
1Australia - Discover Cairns & Sydney 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1345
2Australia - Adelaide Discovery 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1500
3Australia - Australia’s Ultimate Outback Experience 6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$6935
4Australia - Best Of The Top End 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3740
5Australia - City Lifestyle - Discover Tasmania (Land Only)4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$445
6Australia - Drive Tasmania - Nature & Farm 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1010
7Australia - Self Drive Journey - Discover Tasmania (Land Only)4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$475
8Australia - Adelaide & Barossa Valley Romantic Getaway 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1440
9Australia - Adelaide & Kangaroo Island Experience 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$4175
10Australia - Adelaide Taster 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1100
11Australia - Barossa, Clare Valley & Murray River 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1190
12Australia - Byron Bay Hideaway 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1060
13Australia - Cairns Discovery 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1075
14Australia - Complete Top End Darwin (Land Only)8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2165
15Australia - Explore Darwin 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$955
16Australia - Gold Coast & Tangalooma 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$970
17Australia - Great Expedition - Alice Springs, Ayers Rock and Sydney 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1885
18Australia - Great Tropical Drive - Reef To Rainforest & Daintree Explorer 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1285
19Australia - Perth & Farmstay 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$925
20Australia - Perth & Farmstay (Self-Drive)4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$660
21Australia - Perth Family Fun 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$820
22Australia - The Great Sunshine Way 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1025
23Australia - Around Tasmania Expedition 6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1225
24Australia - Australia Twin Cities - Highlights of Sydney and Melbourne 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$905
25Australia - Darwin to Sydney Explorer 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3420
26Australia - Darwin to Sydney Explorer7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3420
27Australia - East Meets West Drive 6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1180
28Australia - Exciting Cairns 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1300
29Australia - Exciting Duo Cities of Queensland - Gold Coast & Cairns 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1260
30Australia - Fun Thrilling Gold Coast 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$815
31Australia - Great Expedition - Alice Springs, Ayers Rock and Sydney 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1885
32Australia - Great Southern Touring Route 6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1380
33Australia - Hobart Discovery 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1270
34Australia - Hobart, Launceston & Cradle Mountain5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1000
35Australia - Legendary Pacific Coast Self Drive 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1190
36Australia - Melbourne & Mt Buller - Ski Holidays 6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1330
37Australia - Melbourne & Southeast Touring Triangle 6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1130
38Australia - Melbourne To Adelaide (via Great Ocean Road) 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1555
39Australia - Perth & Southern Trails 6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$780
40Australia - Perth & Southwest Paradise 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1280
41Australia - Perth & The Coral Coast 8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1270
42Australia - Premium Wetlands Safari Experience at Wildman Wilderness Lodge 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1640
43Australia - Romantic Port Douglas Getaway 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2055
44Australia - Scenic Melbourne 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$940
45Australia - Self Drive Holidays in Tasmania & Melbourne 8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1440
46Australia - Sydney & Canberra Explorer 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$785
47Australia - Sydney & Lord Howe Island Experience 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2930
48Australia - Sydney & Surrounds 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$875
49Australia - Sydney Discovery 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$815
50Australia - Sydney Indulgence - Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2975
51Australia - Top End Nature’s Way 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1020
52Australia - Ultimate Wilderness Experience at Bamurra Plains 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3440
53Bali - Flexi Bali Relaxing Me (Jimbaran Area)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$788
54Bali - Flexi Bali Relaxing Me (Ubud Village)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$448
55Bali - Karma Jimbaran Bali (Special Promotion) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$725
56Bali - Le Meridien Bali Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$790
57Bali - Regent Bali (Special Offer) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$725
58Bali - Alila Manggis ( Spa Stay at Alila Manggis ) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$580
59Bali - Alila Manggis Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$510
60Bali - Alila Manggis Natas Promotion 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$510
61Bali - Alila Resorts ( Two Faces of Bali @ Alila ) 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$865
62Bali - Alila Soori Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1100
63Bali - Alila Ubud Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$565
64Bali - Alila Ubud Natas Promotion 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$565
65Bali - Alila Uluwatu Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1285
66Bali - Alila Villas ( Twin Temptations ) 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2035
67Bali - Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort ( Bonus Night Promotion ) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$915
68Bali - Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort & Spa (Free and Easy) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$900
69Bali - AYANA Bali Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$690
70Bali - Bali Dynasty Resort Promotion 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$400
71Bali - Banyan Tree Ungasan Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1195
72Bali - Flexi Bali Relaxing Me (Kuta Beach)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$388
73Bali - Flexi Bali Relaxing Me (Legian Area)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$388
74Bali - Flexi Bali Relaxing Me (Nusa Dua - BTDC Resort)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$448
75Bali - Flexi Bali Relaxing Me (Sanur Beach)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$438
76Bali - Flexi Bali Relaxing Me (Seminyak Area)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$508
77Bali - Fontana Hotel Bali Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$385
78Bali - Ize Seminyak Promotion 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$405
79Bali - Jimbaran Puri Bali Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$660
80Bali - Karma Jimbaran Bali (Bonus Night Offer) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$835
81Bali - Karma Kandara Bali (Bonus Night Offer) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1135
82Bali - Karma Kandara Bali (Special Promotion) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$975
83Bali - Mulia Resort Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$580
84Bali - Mulia Villas Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1290
85Bali - Regent Bali (Autumn Promotion - Bonus Night) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1010
86Bali - Regent Bali (Early Bird Promotion) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1025
87Bali - Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$595
88Bali - The Amala Seminyak Promotion 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$580
89Bali - The Bale Nusa Dua (Bonus Night Promotion) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$985
90Bali - The Bene Hotel (Introductory Promotion) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$350
91Bali - The Mulia Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$975
92Bali - The Oberoi Bali Promotion 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$925
93Bali - The Pavilions Bali (Special Promotion) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$665
94Bali - The Seminyak Suite Private Villa (Free and Easy)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$680
95Bali - Ubud Hanging Gardens Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$765
96Bali - Vasanti Seminyak Resort Bali Promotion 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$400
97Bali - Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$480
98Bali - W Retreat & Spa Bali (Free and Easy) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$760
99Bali -The Mulia Resort Bali FREE Night Promotion3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$580
100Bangkok - Pullman Bangkok King Power (Stay Asia Promotion) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$305
101Bangkok - Lebua at Tower Club at (Summer Promotion) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$425
102Bangkok - Pullman Bangkok King Power (Asian Executive Promotion) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$375
103Bangkok - Shama Sukhumvit ( Free & Easy ) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$330
104Bangkok - Shama Sukhumvit ( Romantic Escape ) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$795
105Bangkok - Sofitel So Bangkok (Summer Special) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$395
106Bangkok - Soneva Kiri Summer Promotion 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2050
107Bangkok - Soneva Kiri Summer Promotion 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2050
108Bhutan - Bhutan Express4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2195
109Bhutan - Beyond The Sky - Central Bhutan - Uma Como10D 9NJetabout HolidaysSGD$7190
110Bhutan - Cultural Bhutan10D 9NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3975
111Bhutan - Cultural Experience - Aman Resorts 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$7820
112Bhutan - Himalayan Discovery - Uma Como 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3380
113Bhutan - Himalayan Explorer - Uma Como 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$5615
114Bhutan - Magical Bhutan7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3085
115Bhutan - Spiritual Trails ( Aman Resorts )4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$5225
116Bintan - Angsana Bintan Free and Easy 2D 1NJetabout HolidaysSGD$230
117Bintan - Banyan Tree Bintan Free and Easy 2D 1NJetabout HolidaysSGD$405
118Bintan - Bintan Lagoon Resort Free and Easy 2D 1NJetabout HolidaysSGD$125
119Bintan - Mayang Sari Free and Easy 2D 1NJetabout HolidaysSGD$150
120Bintan - Nirwana Resort Free and Easy 2D 1NJetabout HolidaysSGD$145
121Cambodia - Angkor Wat Discovery 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$505
122Cambodia - Angkor Wat Tour 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$590
123Cambodia - Phnom Penh Free & Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$285
124Cambodia - Phnom Penh Explorer 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$540
125Cambodia - Shinta Mani Siem Reap 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$535
126Cambodia - Shinta Mani Siem Reap (Nov’13)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$590
127Cambodia - Siem Reap Free & Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$350
128Cambodia - Siem Reap Highlights 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$520
129Cambodia - Sofitel Angkor 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$600
130Cambodia - Sofitel Phnom Penh 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$550
131Cambodia - The Sothea Siem Reap 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$605
132Cambodia - Twin Cities Discovery 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$705
133Canada - Winter Delights (Starts/Ends: Calgary) 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1015
134Canada - Edmonton to the Rockies (Starts Edmonton/Ends Calgary10D 9NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1195
135Canada - Snow Train to the Rockies 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1365
136Canada - Winter Escapade (Starts Vancouver/Ends Calgary) 8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1565
137Canada - Winter Escapes-Whistler, Blackcomb - Aava Hotel 8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2845
138Canada - Winter Escapes-Whistler, Blackcomb - Fairmont Chateau Whistler 8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3025
139Canada - Winter Escapes-Whistler, Blackcomb - Hilton Whistler Resort 8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2830
140Canada - Yukon Winter Adventure & Spa 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1475
141Chiangmai - The Chedi Chiang Mai3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$658
142Chiangmai - The Chedi Chiang Mai 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$598
143Chiangmai - Veranda Chiang Mai 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$548
144Chile - Santiago-Atacama Desert-Lake District-Torres Del Paine 14D 13NJetabout HolidaysSGD$6235
145Chile - Visit Chile 10D 9NJetabout HolidaysSGD$5315
146China - Anantara Sanya Resort & Spa - Great Summer Promotion3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1135
147Dubai - DUBAI ADVENTURE6D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1498
148Dubai - DUBAI ADVENTURE6D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1618
149Dubai - DUBAI ADVENTURE6D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1758
150Dubai - DUBAI ADVENTURE6D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1818
151Dubai - DUBAI EXPERIENCE6D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1328
152Dubai - DUBAI EXPERIENCE6D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1438
153Dubai - DUBAI EXPERIENCE6D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1578
154Dubai - DUBAI EXPERIENCE6D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1638
155Greece - Greek Island Hopping (Summer 13) 8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2570
156Greece - Athens Break (Summer 13) 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1795
157Greece - Grecian Explorer (Summer 13) 8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2805
158Greece - Grecian Odyssey (with Cruise)8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2770
159Greece - Santorini Dream (Summer 13) 6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2295
160Greece - Splash Aegean Legends (with Cruise) 8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2800
161India - Golden Triangle Explorer Tour5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$875
162India - Golden Triangle Tour with Kashmir6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1205
163India - Golden Triangle Tour with Kashmir8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1395
164India - Fascinating Kerala7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$855
165India - Formula 1 Airtel Indian Grand Prix 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1200
166India - Golden Triangle Explorer Tour6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$935
167India - Golden Triangle Tour with Shimla8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1395
168India - North India Classical Tour8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1465
169India - Oberoi Golden Triangle Explorer Tour5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1945
170Korea - Millennium Seoul Hilton & Jeonju Hanok Village 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1660
171Korea - Millennium Seoul Hilton Free & Easy 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1130
172Korea - Seoul Free & Easy 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1110
173Korea - Seoul Get Together (SIC - Tour A) 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1215
174Korea - Seoul Get Together (SIC - Tour B) 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1183
175Korea - Seoul SIC Get Together 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1365
176Korea - Seoul, Suncheon & Busan Free & Easy 6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1985
177Korea - Seoul, Suncheon & Tongyeong Free & Easy 8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1875
178Korea - Seoul, Suncheon Bay Garden Expo Free & Easy 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1210
179Krabi - WOW KRABI ( Land only )3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$108
180Krabi - WOW KRABI ( Land only )3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$128
181Krabi - WOW KRABI ( Land only )3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$128
182Krabi - WOW KRABI ( Land only )3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$228
183Krabi - Phulay Bay, A Ritz Carlton Reserve (Land Only)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$748
184Krabi - Holiday Inn Resort Krabi Ao Nang Beach 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$168
185Krabi - Peace Laguna Resort and Spa 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$128
186Krabi - Pimalai Resort & Spa 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$508
187Maldives Cocoa Island Resort Maldives4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2598
188Maldives - Coco Palm Bodu Hithi Maldives4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2808
189Maldives - Centara Grand Island & Spa 13/144D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2415
190Maldives - Conrad Maldives Rangali Island 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2428
191Maldives - Diamonds Athuruga Beach & Water Villas Maldives 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2418
192Maldives - Diamonds Thudufushi Beach & Water Villas Maldives 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2418
193Maldives - Dusit Thani Maldives 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2718
194Maldives - Gangehi Island Resort Maldives 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1768
195Maldives - Hilton Maldives / Iru Fushi Resort & Spa 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1938
196Maldives - Lily Beach Resort & Spa Maldives 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2788
197Maldives - Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa Maldives 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3608
198Maldives - Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1458
199Maldives - Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1758
200Mauritius - Angsana Balaclava (Free & Easy)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2685
201Mauritius - Constance Belle Mare Plage (Honeymoon Offer)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1845
202Mauritius - Constance Belle Mare Plage (Winter Offer)7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2770
203Mauritius - Constance Le Prince Maurice (Winter Offer)7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$4000
204Mauritius - Constance Le Prince Maurice, Mauritius7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3068
205Mauritius - Four Seasons Resorts, Mauritius & Anahila (South East)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2335
206Mauritius - Four Seasons Resorts, Mauritius & Anahila (South East)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3600
207Mauritius - Le Canonnier Hotel (Honeymoon Offer)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1725
208Mauritius - Le Victoria (Honeymoon Offer)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1815
209Mauritius - One & Only Le Saint Geran (Honeymoon Offer)7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3145
210Mauritius - One & Only Le Saint Geran, Mauritius7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3018
211Mauritius - Angsana Balaclava (Honeymoon Promotion)7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2280
212Mauritius - Centara Poste La Fayette Resort & Spa5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1445
213Mauritius - Constance Le Prince Maurice (Honeymoon Offer)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2200
214Mauritius - Constance Le Prince Maurice (Summer Offer)7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2760
215Mauritius - Le Meridien (Bonus Night Promotion)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2020
216Mauritius - Le Meridien (Honeymoon Promotion)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1645
217Mauritius - Le Victoria (Free and Easy )5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1915
218Mauritius - One & Only Le Saint Geran (Family Offer)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$5355
219Mauritius - One & Only Le Saint Geran (Free & Easy)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2665
220Mauritius - The Oberoi (Free & Easy)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3245
221Mauritius - The Oberoi (Honeymoon and Landmark Anniversaries Promotion** 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2700
222Mauritius - The Oberoi (Tactical Promotion)7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2700
223Mauritius - Trou Aux Biches (Honeymoon Offer)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2420
224Mauritius - Trou Aux Biches Hotel (Free & Easy)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2600
225Mauritius - Constance Belle Mare Plage (Summer Offer)7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2230
226Mauritius - Le Canonnier Hotel (Free and Easy)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1810
227Myanmar - Yangon & Inle Lake5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1778
228Myanmar - Yangon & Bagan4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1595
229Myanmar - Yangon & Bago4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1220
230Myanmar - Yangon & Mandalay4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1675
231Myanmar - Yangon & Mandalay5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1738
232Myanmar - Yangon City Tour 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1130
233Myanmar - Yangon, Bago & Kyaikhtiyo4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1425
234Myanmar - Yangon & Bagan5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1638
235Nepal - Nepal Highlights 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1115
236Nepal - Nepal Adventure (with Trekking)8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1700
237Nepal - Nepal Discovery 8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1515
238Nepal - Nepal Experience 6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1205
239Nepal - Nepal Explorer (with Trekking)10D 9NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1830
240NewZealand - Glacier & Coastal Wonder9D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2508
241NewZealand - Wellington & North Island (Land Only) 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1028
242NewZealand - Drive Holidays (Christchurch) - LAND only 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$568
243NewZealand - Hapuku Lodge and Tree House6D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2388
244NewZealand - Enjoyable New Zealand 12D 10NJetabout HolidaysSGD$3288
245NewZealand - Fly Drive Holidays (Christchurch)6D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1198
246NewZealand - Gems of South Island 8D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2598
247NewZealand - Gems of South Island (LAND only) 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1918
248NewZealand - Hapuku Lodge and Tree House (Land only)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1318
249NewZealand - New Zealand Romance 10D 8NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2958
250NewZealand - Northern Highlights 6D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1838
251NewZealand - Northern Highlights (LAND only)5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1168
252NewZealand - Southern Splendour7D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1858
253NewZealand - Thermal Wonder Special 6D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1758
254NewZealand - Thermal Wonder Special6D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1758
255NewZealand - Wellington & South Island (Land Only)7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1208
256Phuket - Angsana Laguna Phuket & Spa, Phuket (Special Promotion) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$408
257Phuket - Aleenta Resort & Spa, Phuket (Special Promotion) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$508
258Phuket - Banyan Tree Phuket Promotion 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$698
259Phuket - Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach (Flat Rate Promotion) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$288
260Phuket - Regent Phuket Cape Panwa (Summer Promotion)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$488
261Phuket - Seaview Patong Hotel Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$238
262Phuket - Six Senses Yao Noi (Hideaway Pool Villa) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$708
263Phuket - The Kee Phuket Free and Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$308
264Phuket - The Senses Resort Phuket ( Introductory Offer ) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$248
265Phuket - The Surin Phuket (Summer Special)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$478
266Phuket - Andaman Seaview Hotel Free & Easy 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$238
267Phuket - Andara Resort & Villas ( Summer Promotions )3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$758
268Phuket - Indigo Pearl Phuket (Asia Summer Promotion)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$278
269Phuket - JW Marriott Phuket (Summer Promotion)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$328
270Phuket - Movenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach (Free and Easy) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$358
271Phuket - Novotel Phuket Vintage Park (Summer Promotion) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$278
272Phuket - Sala Phuket Resort & Spa (Singapore Promotion)3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$368
273Phuket - The Senses Resort Phuket (Free and Easy) 3D 2NJetabout HolidaysSGD$258
274Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Culture6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1270
275Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Delights 4D 3NJetabout HolidaysSGD$885
276Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Heritage 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1050
277Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Leisure5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1010
278Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka with Trincomalee6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1170
279Taiwan - Leo Foo Village, Cing Jing Farm & Jiaoxi Hot Spring 6D 5NJetabout HolidaysSGD$720
280Taiwan - All Taiwan Delight Tour 8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$850
281Taiwan - Taiwan Culture Experience 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1150
282Taiwan - Taiwan Highlight Tour 5D 4NJetabout HolidaysSGD$578
283Taiwan - Taiwan Scenic Island Tour 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$725
284USA - New Super Deluxe East Coast Tour (Mandarin) 11D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2435
285USA - USA & Canada East Coast Tour (Mandarin)11D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2765
286USA - USA West Coast Pleasure Tour10D 9NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2945
287USA - Anaheim & Las Vegas Tour (English) 8D 7NJetabout HolidaysSGD$2605
288USA - Miami & Orlando Tour (Land Only) 7D 6NJetabout HolidaysSGD$1580

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Travel packages going to: Bali Bangkok Batam Beijing Berjaya Bintan Cairns Cambodia Cameron Chaweng Beach Chiangmai Colmar Tropicale Disneyland Genting Gold Coast Hanoi HoChiMinh HongKong Koh Samui Korea Krabi Kuala lumpur Kuching Langkawi Macau Malacca Maldives Manila Melbourne Mines Resort New Zealand Nusa Dua Japan Penang Perth Phnom Penh Phuket Redang Saigon Samui Shanghai Shenzhen SiemReap Sunway Lagoon Sydney Taipei Taiwan Terengganu Tioman Tokyo Yangon Vietnam Star Cruise Golf
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