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Beijing, Qinhuangdao, Tianjin with FREE Hong Kong Tour
8D 7N
Hotel Rating:
4 stars
Cathay Pacific Airways
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ASA Holidays
Price from:
SGD$1238 (Single)
SGD$988 (Twin)
SGD$950 (Triple)
SGD$788 (Child no bed)


Day 1:
Singapore / Beijing / Tiananmen / Forbidden City / Outer View of China Millennium Monument / Yuexiu Market / Outer View of Beijing Olympic Village (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) Before dawn, take an international flight from Singapore Changi Airport to majestic Beijing-the capital of China. On arrival Beijing early morning, you will be well received by our professional staff to a restaurant for breakfast. Having breakfasted, visit the largest public square in the world-Tiananmen Square. It is surrounded by the Maozedong Memorial Hall, Great Hall of the People, Cinnamon Gate, and the Historical Museum of China. It was from the Tower above this Square where Chairman Mao formally declared the formation of the People�s Republic of China in 1949. Next proceed to the Forbidden City, the largest and most complete palace existing in China (and probably in the world as well). It has thousands of rooms and over a period of 500 years, 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties ascended the throne. It is the largest museum in China with rich historical and cultural relics. It is also a Treasure House full of priceless antiques. Proceed to view the outer view of China Millennium Monument. It was built to welcome new millennium. After which, proceed to Yuexiu Market, one of best shopping places. Thereafter, admire outer view of the Beijing Olympic Village, site of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.
Day 2:
Beijing / Temple of Heaven / Summer Palace / Trishaw Tour / Archery Tower of DeSheng Gate / Shishahai Pub Street / Wangfujing (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) After breakfast, visit the Temple of Heaven, it was first constructed in AD1420 as the venue for emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Next visit Summer Palace, dotted with magnificent lakes and beautiful mountains; it is the largest and best-preserved Imperial Chinese Garden. Empress Dowager Cixi came here each summer to hold court or just spend summer, hence the name. It was she who rebuilt and expanded the Garden to its present size and splendor. Being the actual Authority behind the throne, she was able to squander 4.5million taels of mostly Defence Funds to build her own playground and retirement home. Then, take a ride on the famous Beijing trishaw for a leisurely cruise through ancient Beijing�s Hutong (narrow street s and lanes) and Shiyeyuan (commoner�s dwelling). You will see for yourself, how the common people go about their daily lives. Next proceed to visit ancient archery tower of Desheng gate, is one of the few surviving city gates in Beijing. In old times, the army would leave Beijing from Xuanwu Gate and re-enter the city, triumphant, at Desheng Gate. Next stroll at the Shishahai Pub Street and Wangfujing Street, Beijing�s most well-know shopping mall.
Day 3:
Beijing / The Great Wall - Juyong Pass / Ming Tomb / Tianlong Hotspring Restort / Beijing (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) This morning, proceed to Great Wall, one of the greatest architectural wonder built in ancient China. It stretches some 6,000km from the Shanhaiguan Pass in the east to the Jiayuguan Pass in the west. It is only man made structure that is visible from the moon. Speaking of the Great Wall, a lot of people will naturally think of Emperor Qin ShiHuang. They said that the Great Wall was built in Qin dynasty. This is true. But the Great Wall was not built by Qin dynasty alone. One of China's earliest walls, built by the state of Qi, stretched east through Shandong Province from Changqing county to the seashore at Qingdao. The Great Wall went through constant extensions and repairs in later dynasties. In fact, it began as independent walls for different states when it was first built, and did not become the "Great" wall until the Qin Dynasty. Emperor Qin Shihuang succeeded in his effort to have the walls joined together to fend off the invasions from the Huns in the north after the unification of China. Since then, the Great Wall has served as a monument of the Chinese nation throughout history. The section that you will visit Juyong Pass was once an important pass in the Great Wall and also one of the most representative sections. Next visit the Ming Tombs. The 13 Ming Emperors and their most beloved empresses and concubines, were buried in these elaborate Tombs covering an areas of At the entrance to the Tomb area a marble archway leads to the sacred passage way lined with 18 pairs of the Stone of Animals-the Guardians of the Tombs. Although they are called Tombs, the grandness of the structures and the attention to the details put into their construction makes it more credible to call them underground palaces. Continue our journey to Tianlongyuan Hotspring Resort. Tianlongyuan Hotspring resort has the biggest indoor public hot spring bathing area in Beijing. This is the city newest hot spring. It comes equipped with advanced facilities and is guided by the latest management concepts. Enjoy hot spring bath, surfing and swimming, seeing variety show of dancing in pool, dancing in the air and dancing on ice etc. (Please prepare your own swimsuit attire). Then return to Beijing for accommodation.
Day 4:
Beijing / Shanhaiguan (The First Pass under the Heaven) / LaoLongTou / Meng Jiangnu Temple / QinHuangDao (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) This morning, drive to Shanhaiguan (Shanhai Pass), is a small, sleepy town and port of the northern section of the Bohai gulf, holding the access between northeast China and north China. Shanhai Pass, 15 km from Qinhuangdao, got its name from being situated between the Yanshan Mountains and the Bohai Sea. Built in 583, it was renovated throughout various dynasties until it was transformed into a formidable military stronghold during the Ming Dynasty. As the strategic passage between the north and northeast China, this pass has been a bone of contention for military strategists since the ancient times. It is also considered the No.1 pass of the Great Wall and the key to the defense of two ancient capitals - Beijing in the east and Chang'an (Xian) in the west. It is a national tourist attraction and the first strategic pass at the eastern end of the Great Wall. Shanhaiguan Pass consists of a main castle, two supporting castles one in the north and one in the south, and two semicircular protective walls in front of the main castle, the town of Weiyuan and the town of Ninghai. Today most of these structures are still well preserved. On the east gate of the city wall stands a tower hung with a horizontal inscribed board reading: "The First Pass under the Heaven�. Next visit the Mengjiangnu Temple (Temple of Lady Meng-Jiang). Lady Meng-Jiang is said to have lived more than 2,200 years ago during the Qin Dynasty. Her origin is something of a legend, and so is this story: Lady Meng-Jiang's Tears Made the Great Wall Collapse. The legend goes that the section of the Great Wall that collapsed with Lady Meng-Jiang's tears could never be rebuilt�it would collapse as soon as it was built up again. The Temple of Lady Meng-Jiang is not very big, but is elegantly built and has some good views of the mountains and sea. There are a number of sights here, including a 108-step Stairway, 108 being a Buddhist number representing the troubles that plague man, a Looking for Husband Rock, which has some interesting calligraphy, a Bell Pavilion, a Front Hall, a Back Hall and the Eye of the Sea, with some fantastic views. Then coach to QinHuangDao for accommodation.
Day 5:
QinHuangDao / BeiDaiHe Scenic Spot / Pigeon�s Nest Park / Tianjin / Ancient Culture Street / Snack Street / Beijing (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) After breakfast, proceed to BeiDaiHe, the ocean resort for all the officials and Communist leaders in China. It is a nationally recognized scenic attraction of China. Being a gentle beach, BeiDaihe is ideal for sea baths in the steamy heat. As far back as 1898, the Qing government officially turned the beach into a summer resort. Since 1949, when New China was founded, over 3,000 restaurants, shops, hotels, and guesthouses have been built on BeiDaihe Beach, making it one of the most famous tourist attractions in North China. Next, it is worth heading to the Pigeon's Nest Park (Geziwo gongyuan), where Mao wrote a poem on BeiDaiHe near the Eagle Pavilion (Wanghai ting). Then, coach to Tianjin, a national famous cultural and historical city. On arrival, visit the popular 580-metre long Ancient Culture Street which is a major tourist destination where Tianjin�s old traditions remain largely intact. Imitation Qing buildings which house nearly 100 shops are scattered along the street with the Tianhou Temple in the centre. Built in 1320 during the Yuan Dynasty, the Tianhou (Heavenly Queen) Temple, also known as Temple of the Patron Goddess, is one of many temples established in China�s coastal areas in honour of the mythological angel known more popularly as Mazu. Solemn sacrificial ceremonies were held in the temple on Mazu�s birthday which fell on the 23rd day of the 3rd lunar month. Today, the temple has been converted into the Tianjin Folklore Museum. Beside as a cultural & historical city, Tianjin is also famous for its delectable food well-known through the whole nation. You may find everything delicious there, such as Tianjin dishes, imperial haute cuisine, Islamic fare and vegetarian�s favorites. There is a street particularly known for its snacks and refreshments available in both local and Western styles. Goubuli Restaurant�s stuffed buns, Guihuaxiang Restaurant�s fried dough twists flavored with sesame seeds and Erduoyan Restaurant�s fried cakes are totally tourists� favourites! Then proceed to Beijing for accommodation.
Day 6:
Tianjin / Hong Kong / Repulse Bay Sea-Water Baths / Aberdeen / Golden Bauhinia Square / Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre / Reunification Monument / Victoria Peak (Breakfast) Having enjoyed your breakfast, aboard the coach to airport, then take a flight to The Pearl of the Orient -- Hong Kong. Upon arrival, you will be welcome by our professional staff, then take the coach touring Repulse Bay Sea-Water Baths and Aberdeen � the busiest areas in Hong Kong. Repulse Bay Sea-Water Baths, a popular holiday resort in Hong Kong, people usually go there to swim in summer. Later proceed to Kowloon City. Thereafter, visit the Reunification Monument and the Golden Bauhinia Square where you will see the "Forever Blooming Bauhinia" Sculpture (Golden Bauhinia), a gift for the people from the PRC government to mark the widespread joy of the return of the territory to the Motherland. You will also pay a visit to Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, and about Hong Kong Reunification Commemoration. Before ending the day, you will have a panoramic view of the city and seaport of Hong Kong on top of Victoria Peak.
Day 7:
Hong Kong / Free & Easy Activity Free & easy activity for the whole day but all meals will be at your own arrangement.
Day 8:
Hong Kong / Singapore If there is spare time you may have your free & leisure activity until going to airport to take a flight back to Singapore.

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Jayden Chong asks on 13 Jun 2013
Would you able to quota me from the above date for 8 days tour to these few locations. Please included the hotel min. 4star and what is inclusive with the hotel, breakfast, dinner,etc.
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
ashok gupta asks on 26 May 2013
What is free and easy in Hongkong?
Indian vegetarian food is available during the tour.
English tour guide available.
Is it the total cost of 988? any extras charged.
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Dennis Kiu asks on 2 May 2013
I have a family of 4 looking for a group tour to Beijing/Shanghai leaving around 22th. Can you let me know what package you have got.
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Fabian Yiong asks on 5 Aug 2012
What are your departure dates for this December for your \\\"8/10 D Soul of Beijing Chengde Tianjin + Free Hongkong\\\" package?
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
KC Yew asks on 14 Jul 2012
Any 8D/7N Beijing package departure on 15/16th of Aug?
How is the price for 2 adult and 1 child?
Any support for Malaysian to apply visa?
Including Transport from JB Malysia to Changi airport?
Looking for your prompt reply.


Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Doris Lew asks on 8 Jun 2012
for 8D7N Beijing/Chengda/Tianjin. What is price by which airline and how about the weather there
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Wong Christina asks on 22 May 2012
For 8D7N beijing/chengde/tianjin trip, Is the price shown inclusive of taxes and tips? if not, how much more I need to expect? thanks.
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
angie asks on 22 May 2012
hi, how to purchase the 8d7n beijing packages for 6 paxs, and how is the prices ? thks.
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Lina asks on 2 Apr 2012
Fr Beijing/Tianjin 8d/7n package, is there
any tour on 17 0r 18 August 2012?
How much the rate fr 2 adults & 2 children
(1child w/bed & 1 child w/o bed)
Awaiting the reply by email.
Thank you !
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
thomas khoo asks on 14 Mar 2012
For the above travel from Singapore to Beijing could you quote us the best price as we were quoted by an agency from China but with a slightly different itinary and hotels. Thanks
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Susan asks on 23 Feb 2012
Is there a departure in June 9th or 10th? How much does it cost for 2 adults plus a 4 year old kid?
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Zeng Ruiling asks on 16 Feb 2012
Beijing, Qinhuangdao, Tianjin with FREE Hong Kong Tour

Is there a departure on 27-29 April 2012? whats is the full fare per pax
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
abubakar asks on 24 Nov 2011
plse quote me the full fare for 8d/7n beijing+hkg for 02 pax.can request for muslim food.
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Lynn asks on 22 Aug 2011
Pls quote me the total package for the 7days of Beijing tour for 2A+2C(9yrs & 7yrs).
Please indicate the place that is included in the package as well.
I would like to have the rate for travelling on Dec/03-09.thanks

Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Ms.Leng asks on 6 May 2011
4D3N or 5D4N SIN to HKG Air filght+Hotel+Disneyland/OceanPark/Macau tour. Refer my email for full requirements.
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Hong asks on 3 Apr 2011
8 days-China.
Depart & return time & date?
Total price?
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Hong asks on 3 Apr 2011
8 days-China.
Depart & return time & date?
Total price?
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Hong asks on 3 Apr 2011
8 days-China.
Depart & return time & date?
Total price?
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
natalia asks on 9 Feb 2011
Hi, would like to know departure date and total price for this tour package
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
yen asks on 8 Nov 2009
This website does NOT have the latest packages from the agents. The agents also do NOT respond to our queries! It\\\'s MISLEADING on both counts.
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Kwa Soo Teck asks on 6 Nov 2009
Hello, what are the departure dates? Can we have English-speaking guides? What time is the flight from Spore?
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Gregory Goh asks on 17 Oct 2009
Can you provide English speaking guides for the tour? Can you arrange this as a 2-to-go package, i.e. provide vehicle + guide + hotel + airfare just for the 3 pax?
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Lisa Wong asks on 9 Sep 2009
Beijing, Qinhuangdao, Tianjin with FREE Hong Kong Tour - Is this trip available from 19/10/09. It the taxes inclusive in this package.
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Yenni Mccroary asks on 1 May 2009
Hi, I\'m interested with 8 D/7N Beijing,
however I need to know the itinerary,I will fly to Singapore eta June 13, however I\'m looking to travel with 2 other people on June 26/June 27. Do I have to book On June 13 ?? please let me know. Thanks
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Linda Lai asks on 8 Apr 2009
I am from Australia, can I join your tour, is it available on the 6th of July.
I plan to visit Singapore sometime early July, then join your tour to Beijing 8 days with 2 night Hong Kong. I need to book ticket from Australia to Singapore, early reply will good, thanks.
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Sanasee Philips Roy asks on 22 Mar 2009
HI there,


Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Tanya Wee asks on 31 Jan 2009
Hi there,

Please advice whether the tour includes airport taxes and other charges?

We are planning to travel in Oct 09.


Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
VeraW asks on 26 Oct 2008
please let me know the dates available for november, we want to leave around the 11th of november,we are presently in sebana cove and our phone isnot always on. Thankyou, Vera
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
VeraW asks on 26 Oct 2008
We would like to depart from singapore for this package tour around the 10th of november 2008. please reply, Vera Williams and John Williams p.s. our mobile is not always on. we are in sebana cove at present.
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Vera asks on 25 Oct 2008
please send me the dates when this tour commences. we are interested in going november 10th thru 18 or 19.We also would like a contact name and number to speak with someone. thankyou, Vera
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Shirley Toh asks on 26 Sep 2008
Do you operate 8 days tour to Taiwan on/around 28 Nov. 2008. We would like to stop over in Hong Kong for 7 days. If yes, please forward info. thanks
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
yuli asks on 27 Apr 2008
dear sir\\madam,

just want to know how to join this tour packages..

Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Chloe Chong asks on 27 Mar 2008

May i know when is the departure date?

May i know the exact tour fees for 2 person?

does the fee include all the admission fee as well?

thank you

Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
carmel smyth asks on 26 Nov 2007
I would like to book this tour for 4 people for february /08 please send me information
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
See-Lin Tjeuw asks on 7 Nov 2007
My husband and I are Australian who will be travelling to Singapore in March 2008. Can you please let me know if the Beijing, Qinhuangdao, Tianjin with FREE Hong Kong Tour 8 days 7 nights package will be available from 15 March?
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
carmel smyth asks on 27 Sep 2007
will this tour be available in Jan.08 We will be in singapore than. What are the 4 star hotels?

Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
G.M. Carlisle asks on 25 Sep 2007
With the travel tour Singapore - Beijing et al, can you advise what hotels are included in the package in Beijing? Additionally what accommodations (Hotels) in Hong Kong?
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
carmel smyth asks on 23 Sep 2007
we will be in singapore for a couple months starting Jan 15/08 Is it too early to book this tour for 4 adults
Are there any changes?
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Debby asks on 19 Sep 2007
Is this package available on December 2007?which date is it?
is there any chance on that brochure?
please kindly contact my email address :

Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Debby asks on 19 Sep 2007

Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Wenny Taiwin asks on 11 Sep 2007
Hello. What are the departure dates for this tour package? Thank you.
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone
Ali Rozali asks on 21 Jul 2007
I have minimal 10 pax want to joint this packaged on 1-2 October, how much you can gave me and 1 Free for TL .

Aping/Ali Rozali
Outbound Tour Manager
Ans: Answered via private email or telephone

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